Who are we?

Who are we?


We are a company located around Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

A few years ago, due to a problem with the pipes in our neighborhood, our tap water had changed in appearance and taste. Although the specialists told us that the water was still drinkable, we could no longer drink it. The standard filters were not efficient enough, so the only solution was bottled water. However, the amount of waste that this produced was very disturbing. In addition, the cost of buying water was not negligible.

We quickly realized that many people around us had the same problems. We then decided to solve this problem by proposing an economic and most durable solution.

After several months of testing and research, we came across the reference in the field of gravity water purification, the brand "Berkey".

Seduced by their efficiency and longevity, we decided to become the actors of Berkey solutions. We introduced ourselves to Berkey in the USA, with the aim of becoming their main importer for Switzerland...

For several years now, we have been happy and proud to offer products and services that make sense to all of us.

Recommended by health experts, Berkey water purifiers are safe, durable and economical. They offer clean water, resilience and safety for you and your loved ones.

Your Berkey supplier,